My Passion

My passion is Gymnastics, it is my favorite sport. It requires major skill an focus. To be a gymnast, you pretty much have to have good strength in both your arms and legs. You have to work hard and be very cooperative. I like it because it gives me a challenge and makes me want to work harder and harder.Gymnastics is a very fun sport even though it can be rough. It involves four main events, bar, beam, floor an vault. I think all of the events are fun, but to me gymnastics is only fun when it is challenging.


One of the hardest part about gymnastics is learning the skills on each of the events. I think bar is the hardest, but that is why its my favorite. Bar requires a lot of  arm strength. Some of the skills you can learn on bar are a pull over, a front hip-circle, back hip-circle, front mill-circle, back mill-circle, leg cuts, mad cats, etc. These are just some of the easy ones. Also, while doing all of this, you absolutely have to have chalk or you will definitely get a rip. A rip is just what it sounds like and trust me it hurts! A rip happens when your skin constantly slides against the  surface of the bar (creates friction) and tears, or rips, your skin. Grips and chalk are there for your protection though.

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